woop dog card

Zoo Gi Oh is a parody of Yu-Gi-Oh and a popular anime show in Galbadia, Balamb, and the anime capital Esthar.


Zoo Gi Oh follows the mis-adventures of Zoo-Gi Motormania who takes the card game waay to seriously. He collects all the rare cards but is stunned to find out that most people prefer the ever popular Woop-Dogs to the Black Eyes Purple Dragon. Most battles involve him going nuts over the game while the others are casual players. Other characters include Kristan, Schmetto Kyra, Kakka DuDu and Moey

Known Clips From EpisodesEdit

"The Road Leads Where It's Bread"

Moey: So when do we finally get to this stupid Macguffin?


Robber Bob: (jumping from nowhere) I'm Robber Bob!! haha gimme all ur cards!!!

Kristan: Hey haven't we seen you before?

RB: no you must have met my cousin Robber Bob Bob, or my brother Robber Bob bob bob, or my uncle Bobber Rob, or my second cousin twice removed, Robber bob bob bob bob bob robbber bob bob robber bob bob robber bob bob bob bob bob FRED robber bob bob bob bob bob robber!

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