the Yimani are an agressive race of sapient scorpions.

What are they like?Edit

The Yimani are very similar in behavior to earthian scorpions, yet on a more intelligent scale. What's interesting about them is that they will attack other species simply because they feel threatened, either by lack of communication, or something that spooks them, or even advanced technology.


They do not lay eggs but give birth like a mammal. During sex, however, It was common for females to cannibalize the males afterwards. This eventually led to the males killing their mate before they could kill them. Over time, and advancement, The two genders grew separated, only comming together for sexual encounters. This effectively created two races, one male, one female, leading to a slowing of developement, and endangering their species. Instead, they decided to make a treaty, and coexisted unhappily for 200 years, until the developement of test tube reproduction. This separated them again, yet they come together once a year to exchange sperm samples.


There are two societies: male and female. The male society has space travel capability, and is busy working on ways to protect the planet from anything that is frightening. The Female society is dedicated to caring for the young until they are old enough to join their respected societies (age 5). From there, they learn to do what their told, and grow up with little individual thought or challange to authority. The space program consists mostly of attacking any species that looks too different, meaning most species, because there are very few sapient arachnids in the universe.

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