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Wonder Woman

Oh man I just want to get up under her tights. Oh man! I'd seduce her, then start rubbing her belly and boobs and she'd be like STOP IT MITCH and I'd be all no, and she'd be all wait oh my I actually like this don't stop mitchypoo and I'd be all OH BABY Fuck ME!!!! -Mitch Mayhew

Wonder Woman is a female superhero and one of the founding members of the Justice League. She is an amazon warrior princess, and the daughter of Hippolyta. She recieved her powers from the gods to fight evil.

Mitch MayhewEdit

Mitch Mayhew is absolutely obsessed with Wonder Woman to a fault. His character in Ferris Wheel is indeed only a small exaggeration from his real life obsession. On many occasions he dated women who look like her, and called them Diana. He also has a large collection of nude Wonder Woman pictures he thinks nobody knows about.

Lack of a Ride At Six FlagsEdit

It is often mused that Wonder Woman does not have a ride at any Six Flags parks. This may be due to sexism or the fact that boys may just say things like "eww a ride themed on a girl!". This is uncertain. But until the day when a ride is built this will still be in question.

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