The World is a raging torrent of nightmares we will never wake up from. -Some Guy on Vampirefreaks

Woetry or Cynoetry is poetry that rips out all hopes you had for a better life. Most woems focus on nightmares, the color black, the failing state of the country they live in, seeing everything as negative, and cries for attention. Hipsters are now creating a subgenre called makesnosensetry which are poems that well, don't make any sense (ie your the stucco roof of my eye the doors flutter like butterflies).

Types Of WoemsEdit

-Cryoem: What emos write that they claim to be deep yet can be written in ten seconds here I'll start one off

"As I lay on my bed thinking of life, I realize there is nothing left. These walls they close in the walls I always knew now trap me, confining my life to darkness."


-Politicoem: a poem about how our country sucks

-Dieoem: a baaww poem about how you want to die