Vitri is the famous ringed moon of Zayke. It is the only known moon to have rings visible from a planetary surface (although faint). Tidal effects from Zayke's moons caused the mass flooding of it's surface leading to ocean born life to dominate the continents that emerged.


Vitri may have been formed during Zayke's volatile early stages, during the same asteroid storm that created the rings around the planet itself.

The moon itself may have been the inspiration for the theory that the giant eternal rainbow around Zayke was indeed rings as well.


A terraforming project is taking place at the present time to create a home to replace the displaced Karkan I locals. It is in its early vegetation stages, and clouds are forming.

Unfortunately debris from the Karkan I explosion has turned the moon once again into a wasteland. Terraforming will resume once the volcanoes can be pumped.

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