Venus now-a-days

Venus was once a terrestrial earth like planet in the Sol System. Through the developement of societies, venus was destroyed by a runaway greenhouse effect.


Venus civilization began an unknown amount of years ago. The first calender year (o) began 2,013 years before its destruction making its final year 2012. Its history and people strikingly mirror that of Earth. Technology was developed to become electrical by 1800, before earthians would, yet it only served to speed the planets comming doomsday. In 1023, civilized governments formed. The largest was the Garzentian Empire. They reined completely without being challenged until 1392 when civil war broke out tearing them into four nations, Xo, Joiki, Larmanati, and Harzi. by 1423, the entire globe was discovered, which was smaller than Zayke and Earth. By 1530, Powers in the eastern islands took control, and the old nations faded into the background. In 1599, Steam power was the primary power source on the planet. 1765 the western powers raged all out war with the east causing much power shifting. in 1793, after the invention of electric devices, warfare raged even worse. More factories were built building weapons and transportation for the troops. by the end of the 1800s, space travel was invented, and some Venetians landed on earth to explore, but deemed it too unstable. they landed on mercury too but left for the same reason. by 1956, All out war was raging, causing the planet to be torn up.

Venus in its prime Credit: Daein Ballard


Venus was not totally destroyed but all life was erradicated. by 2001 the planet was in the grips of nothing but a cloud of dust factories and warefare had caused a winter like no other. Some Venitians left for Earth, but there was not much they could do there. The race of Venitians faded by 2009, and the last Venitians died in 2012.


By about 2033, all remaining buildings were rotting away, they stood undisturbed for years, crumbling through the 2000s, 3000s, 4000s, and so on beyond the measurement of time. the last tall buildings sank by the year 1327 on Earth. It is unknown weather or not there are any structures left.

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