Varillia In her New Orleans Apartment.

Varillia is a Cormilion computer technition working for Jupiter Mining Company .


Varillia is similar to the average Cormilion girl, in that she is mostly childlike in personal situations, and otherwise very professional.

She may appear shy at times, and even unsure. A few times she is seen to carry around a doll to hug for comfort.

Varillia was born in 2098 on Cormilius in the city of Talia. She lived in a mid floor apartment with her family and excelled in computer technology courses at Cormis Arms Academy. As a girl she was fascinated by rain and was always out on rainy evenings (Seona Logs). She moved to Earth in 2115, but was caught in the ISL's war against mars. Fortunately for her, The part of the planet she lived in (Louisiana) saw little action in terms of the war, do to its non inclusion in ISL jurisdiction.

After the war she took taining courses to join the exploration vessel, the Endeavour, but the mission was cancelled due to a lack of funding, and she instead decided to apply for a job with Nasa, the North American Space Administration (name changed in 2079)

She began her career at Nasa in 2136 after the Martian Revolutionary War. She was also a key player in establshing computer relays on Mars that would not require it to be tied into those of Earth. She worked on exploration missions and in all she helped discover at least 12 new star systems and 58 new stars, with a total of 3,200 planets.

In 2157, she was recruited by Jupiter Mining following the discovery of Damanium on the planet Seona.

Personal LifeEdit

Varillia enjoys a multitude of Earthan things, including Disney films, Cuisine, Action films, horror movies, romantic novels, and to everyone's dismay, the ancient Twilight Saga from the 21st century. She also appears to be obessed with Contemporary pop stars of the 2150s.

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