Trish on Seona

Trisha Adoyo


2134 Colony Beta, Luna


None, resides with Stalor's company. Often says the ship is her best home.






Alive (as of 2157)

Relationship Status

Dating, Long Distance

Weapon of Choice

Lasers, sharp objects, Tasharon Staff


3rd after Stalor

Trisha Adoyo is the pilot for Jupiter Mining Company and flys the EMV Vixen in almost all of its journies.

Early Life/HistoryEdit

Trish was born in Colony Beta on The Moon. She had a rough childhood, and was constantly belittled by her stepfather. She was sexually assaulted at least four times in her life, and ran away from home at age 13, in 2147.

For three years she lived in a overturned shuttle pod in the slums of Beta. in 2151, she was found living in a drainage pipe by two workers and was adopted by one of them, Paula Nevrez. She became a mother to Trish in every way, putting her through school where she met her boyfriend Dameon Talbit, a Beta colony school football player.

Finding WorkEdit

Trisha found work repairing spacecraft until she decided it was time to live her dream of becoming a pilot. In 2155, she started to go to space training programs and eventually signed up as a pilot on the EMV Vixen.

With Jupiter MiningEdit

She serves as the pilot on the vessel, but also does the hireing of lower rank workers. She often argues with but is always trusted by her boss Stalor, and the two seem to grow closer as they work together.


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