The Toveran Scrolls are a set of ancient scrolls chronicling ancient communications between Rinans and Seonans. Though for many years the exact nature of the scrolls were unknown until the discovery of a "lost scroll" on the planet Seona


The Scrolls were written before Humans came to be, when Rine was in its ancient period. According to the scrolls, Seonans visited Rinans and granted them the gift of Damanium. Damanium was claimed to be a mystical power by ancient Rinans, however the Rinans themselves never believed the aliens were gods, but rather alternate versions of Rinans from a different dimension.

Their significance was lost when the Seonans became extinct and Rine ran out of their Damanium supply plunging them into their dark ages. Though much of ancient culture was lost to war, revision, and just plain ignorance, The scrolls survived through private ownership, trading, and royal status symbolism. Eventually it was tradition in the northern Counts to each hold one scroll per king, to balence the power and claim validity and invalidity of "breakaway" or "rebel" counties. 

After the unity of the counties, the scrolls were symbolically combined in one place and placed on display in the "first museum" as both an exhibit and a display of peace.


In 2155, Norenda Keshara was tasked with stealing the scrolls by an unknown contact. She and her friend Gallea succeeded in stealing them, however Gallea was killed in the process, and Nori's relationship with Kerril was marred.

After delivering the scrolls to a special location, their fate remained unknown until 2159, when Stalor Kass killed a member of the Dirty Thirty who was carrying one.


-There are 13 scrolls in all, 12 from Rine and the "lost scroll" found in Stalor's cave.

-Originally the scrolls were developed simply as a plot device to get Nori off of Rine, yet they evolved to become an integral part of the overall plot of Seona Logs

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