Toon Fiction is a parody of Pulp Fiction using Disney Characters.


Mickey and Goofy are working for Marcellous Pete, trying to run his magic empire. Donald is a boxer with a hot temper, that is supposed to throw a fight. Goofy is given a job of protecting Pete's wife, Larxene, who is insane, and obsessed with magic. Donald doesn't throw the fight and gets in trouble with Pete, and Peter Pan, and decides to flee. Mickey and Goofy interrogate some losers and take Roxas hostage. While driving to the safehouse, they accidentally pie roxas in the face making a mess of cherry and frosting. They go to Aladdin's house to hide, but he does not want his GF Jasmine to see this mess, so instead they call Oswald The Lucky Rabbit to solve their problems, who cleans out everything and sends them on their way.

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