The Tour of Zayke is a short story where Tiri takes Tobias and Sarah on a tour of his home planet

He introduces them to his younger brother Tikara, and his family. He also Takes him around the Karkan Peace Pools, and the Birthing Pools. Tiri shows them the artificial wave generators that they use to help teach young Karks to navigate rough waters. He mentions that they have been battling a massive underwater storm for hundreds of years.

Next he explains how Karkans mate, talking about the mating rituals, where each partner grabs eachothers nipples (which tobias laughs his ass off about). He then explains how almost all Karkans are Bisexual, but usually lean towards heterosexuality to help keep the population moving forward without overpopulating.

Tobias notices that there are some rotting looking boats that look a small bit like modern earth vessels. Tiri explains that they are ancient boats preserved as scenary on the water based planet to remind people that they owe everything to the sea, and those who came before them.

They take a voyage

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