A foot??

I'll Have The Feat! -Xemnas

The Feat is a dish served to Xemnas during the Chain Of Memories parody. When the dish comes it is actually two Crescendos that are honking annoyingly. Xemnas responds by asking "What Is This Ghastly Dish??" then exclaiming "BLASPHEMY! This is not what I ordered!" before slamming one on the head emitting another long honk.

Alternate RetellingEdit

Xemnas retells the story in a way similar to the begining of the movie 300 where he says THIS IS....NOT WHAT I ORDERED!! before tossing them honking down a randomly appeared hole with no bottom. It is unclear which is the right storyline.

Is This Really What He Ordered?Edit

There is debate among the community as to weather the feet are ment to be crescendos or not. It appears that everytime Xemnas enters any resturaunt and orders "the feet" he gets this "ghastly dish". Since ordering the feet in real life will yield little more than an awkward glance from the waiter (and possibly friends/dates), this will never be resolved.