The Termites were an underground resistance group formed to help the underprivileged citizens of New Devonshire, VA. Often referred to as a terrorist group or a crime syndicate, they are merely a desperate attempt to survive in the most dangerous major city in America. They were disbanded in 2013.

Former MembersEdit

Remaining Members At The Time of Disbanding: Leader: Jesse Chester 2011-2013 Weapons Expert: Steven Lynd 2009-2013 Fighting Expert: Lindsay Lorman 2010-2013

Unknown: Tactical: Paul Heckler 2009-2011

Deceased: James McGregor 2009-2011 (Leader/Cofounder, Murdered) Ernie Marcowitz 2009-2010 (Tactical, Murdered) Arnold Leibman 2009- 2010 (Tactical, Murdered) Angel Hammor 2011-2011 (Recruit, Murdered) Martin Chester 2011-2011(Recruit, Murdered) Louis Narpoli 2009-2011 (Map Expert, Executed) Travis Lewton 2009-2009 (Recruiter, Died of Cancer) Angie 2009-2011 (Fighter, Committed Suicide)

Left: Trevor Inglo 2010-2011 (Supplies driver, Refused to drive cross country) Harry Y. Harrison 2011-2012 (recruit, arrested on the way to Portland) Trixie Adams 2010-2011 (Fighter, couldn't cope with all the murders)

Turncoat: Michael Traver 2009-2011 (Advanced Tactics/Founder)

Associated GroupsEdit


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