Ted Wehlps is a christian extremist, and couldn't believe the Karkans when they stated that some things that may have been preceived as godly miracles were the work of Karkan tampering many years ago. At the funeral of Karkan soldiers, on the neutral planet of Prancer, he protested saying aliens are tools of the devil. Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for everyone else, this was one of the biggest forms of disrespect anyone could ever display towards the Karkan dead, and he was taken to Zayke as a criminal of the Jakid People. For his punishmeant it was decided that he would be sent to Crotia to perform reconiscance of the cities there. The Jakid supplied him with a fake camera. and scanner, and dumped him there. He was killed in a matter of minutes by what he described as the devils themself.

Behind The ScenesEdit

He is most likely based on Fred Phelps.

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