Tangeoids are the dominant race on Finandra, the close neighbor planet to Stagnil orbiting the same double star. They are pre-internet, pre-atomic, yet have knowledge of the Stagnilians, due to them being captured and traded on their planet because they are "so darned cute!". Their "cuteness" is supposed to be a defense mechanism against being slaughtered by otherwise non-sympathetic races.

Habitat and LifestyleEdit

Lupine Tangeoids tend to live in caves to escape the searing heat of their home planet. they have built advanced, yet somewhat simplistic civilizations beneath the surface. Their living spaces consist of one room for all their relatives and children, and sometimes friends in rows and rows of cell like rooms lining massive cave walls. Where the "bars" would be is instead a very interesting clear plastic allowing them to see out but no one else to see in (a product similar to but more effective and cheaper than a two way mirror). There is one central system of lights running down these caves, and one light bulb in each room, which is usually left off. The tangeoids reject advanced and complicated lives prefering to just live and share what they have, nap whenever they want, and go wherever whenever. Their system of working, is based on the honor system, they simply band together with friends to accomplish tasks.

Vulpine Tangeoids choose to live on farms, or large townhouses. Each city is rural in design and consists of mostly chicken ranges. Chicken imported from Earth is highly valued by the vulpine race, and

Like Karkans, Tangeoids are into using recreational drugs. However unlike Karkans who use these for meditation, relaxation, and contemplation, the Tangeoids use them simply for fun, and to feel even more spaced out than usual.


The Tangeoids are starfaring unlike other pre atomic races, because of trade with enemies of the Stagnilians, like the Faci. Their spaceships are usually decorated in bright neon colors.


They look like anthropomorphic animals. It is sometimes difficult to make out their mouths. They also have furry ears

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