Tachi are the dominant species on Roni. They are purple, and have strange colored hair for the most part. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the tachi are their "floppy" antennae capped with a furry "pom pom" ball on top. These antennae aid in their semi-telepathic abilities. They also have small dinosaur looking tails that grow with age and never stop. 

Personalities and CultureEdit

Tachi are generally spiritual, mostly calm and collective. They devote a long amount of time to guiding their telepathic abilities but mostly for amusement.  Tachi many times either are fascinated or annoyed by other cultures. Bellaras once admitted that he thought human culture particularly underground culture was pointless wasting time making art films no one could comprehend so the point is entirely lost. (Seona Logs Episode 4: Visitors)

Tachi religion claims an evil god created the Tachi people wrong, and it was up to them with the guidance of a Goddess to rectify their lives. This is mostly held now by older people who lived during the theocracy.

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