Super Sandwich is a character from the Wart and Sandwich Continuity. He is basically a talking Sandwich who claims he invented everything.

Super Sandwich and The MoonEdit

Super Sandwich's largest claim is that he allegedly created the Earth's Moon. He proves this by claiming that a stick of Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum is in fact "Create Moon In A Wrapper" in which you need to "Just add moon!". He reads the comic as if it were instructions. "Norton is saying Herman you owe me HOW TO MAKE A MOON. I already paid you this MOON, I told you the week before and the week......MOON! I guess I didn't keep my......MOON!"

Super Sandwich

First Appearance

Wart and Sandwich Director's Cuts




"I invented the ___"


Wart, Kamek, Bowser, Poopy Koopa


To get the credit he "deserves"


Becomes a hero in the VG wars


Dark World

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