The Rules of the Wiki as stated in the following


1st offense- Warning

2nd offense- spam page turned into a joke about you

3rd offense- Melissa comes to your house and molests you

4th offense- band

Spamming Existing PagesEdit

1st offense-banned 


Deleting pages is an offense unless you give a really good reason.

1st offense- Warning

2nd offense- Short ban

3rd offense - Permabanned

Drinking And Posting/Posting Under The Influence Of DrugsEdit

1st offense- No action

2nd offense- Wag of the finger

3rd offense- we all laugh at you in the talk page

4th offense- we lock the page you posted so you can never remove your embarassing mistakes


Wikitacking is when a person attacks a page they don't agree with and makes it favor their opinion

1st offense- 1 week ban

2nd offense- month ban

3rd offense- Year ban

4th offense- Fail uhh i mean permaban

Spamming Talk PagesEdit

1st offense- permaban (we do not tolerate the obstruction of personal opinion or hijinks)

Nude PhotosEdit

1st offense- we congratulate you for giving us nudie fotos

2nd offense- no action

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