Roni as seen in celestia

Roni is the home planet of the Tachi and located in the Roni System. Roni has an eccentric orbit that causes northern hemisphere winters to be extremely cold and summers extremely hot. The southern hemisphere hwever is always pleasant


Roni is temperate but pleasant year round. It is called "the planet of eternal spring" at times. It appears to consist of rolling hills, open plains, and pleasant lagoons. In contrast to sparse scenary of planets like Seona, which are simply sprinkled with strange plants heer and there, Roni is filled with lush beautiful botany and seems like an idellic version of the american southeast and even some of the caribbean.

But that's all in the southern hemisphere. This is due to milder seasons as it's winter is when the planet is closest to the star, and its summer is when it's furthest away on the eccentric orbit.

The northern hemisphere is entirely extreme with freezing winters and boiling summers. It's livable but not as comfortable.


Roni Culture is very family oriented. The families seem to share equal roles between males and females, and It seems like females are prone to being domineering. They also can be emotional and deeply caring. (JL1: Yreka!)

At one point Roni had a theocratical government that was based on removing an "evil god" that controls events of the planet. They belived that anything beautiful was tachi-made in the begining and this god made them forget about it. These beliefs all but faded out by 2157, however tachi have a religious devotion to their mental links formed by their antennae.

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