Part of a series on the planet Rine

The Rinan Coalition is a cooperative group consisting of all the counties of the planet Rine and its colonial holdings. 


Count of Sherra

Count of Ezyankesha

Count of Anataucua

Count of Ateknya

Count of Vermaknasha

Count of Darr

Count of Metar

Count of Lyamont

Count of Devena

Rinan Moons

Rinan Colonies


The Rinan Coalition was founded in in Rinan year 6154, when the counties agreed to put aside internal conflict and set out to seek wonders in the universe. Shortly after the invention of interplanetary drives, talk began of uniting the planet and letting go of its many strifes. It was the leader of the Count of Sherra, Meshena Ateka, who first decided to end its 12 year war with the count of Metar and sign a mutual non aggression pact, Soon after Ezyankesha ended its campaigns against the Count of Darr and united with Sherra and Metar. After these four founding counties pathed the way, many others joined until the planet was unified under the same flag.

Saelta remarked in 2157 that it was a good thing the pact was signed at that time, for soon after the planet was invaded by the Dena, the Stanal's only allies at the time. This was soon followed by a full out invasion by the Stanal. Rine stood tall as a unified force and became only the second planet in known history to defeat the Stanal (the first being the Faci in the 1600s on earth).


The coalition is formed around a central government located in the Rinan capital. This land holds no loyalties to any one county and is independant from them all. Historically this ground was preserved for religious right of all Rinans, and thus paved the way for a neutral ground.

The central government is held together by a leader known as the Grand Coaliter(or), The Coaliter is elected directly by the people of Rine, in regional elections.  This person has a general equivelant postion of a president.

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