The Riika System (rye-kuh) is a 12 planet star system in the Milky Way Galaxy.


Riika IEdit

Small hot planet close to the sun

Riika IIEdit

Small uninhabitable planet mostly contains methane

Riika IIIEdit

Inhabitable, but incredibly hot planet

Riika IVEdit

Gas Dwarf, a rare instance

Riika VEdit

Inhabitable planet, temperate, home to humaniod lifeforms, Atmoshpere Oxygen Nitrogen

Riika VIEdit

Gas Giant with rings

Riika VIIEdit

Gas Giant with storms and rings

Riika VIIIEdit

Inhabitable but vacant planet

Riika IXEdit

Inhabited colony planet, used for manufacture of interplanetary technology by the Riika Corp. A strange space gulf stream off of Riika VII warms both VIII and IX enough to live on.

Riika XEdit

Mars like planet

Riika XIEdit

Ice Planet

Riika XIIEdit

Ice Dwarf Planet

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