certain works have been referenced in parts of star bird

Final FantasyEdit


The Lionheart

Mars Garden Academy

Star TrekEdit

Warp Drive

"The Slingshot Effect"

John Luke Pickford

William Riker

There is A cube shaped ship docked near Neptune.


in Spacelite, Ndnd is the wife of Hover Carlisle. Their last name "Hugh Man" is also a reference to the episode "a taste of freedom".


Druidia listed on a list of planets conquered by the Crotians.

Spaceball is a game played on the moon.



Alpha Centauri II having cat-like aliens (albeit nothing like Na'vi]]

Na'vi Americans

Star WarsEdit

The Cantina

Millenium Falcon Replica


when traveling faster than light Tobias asks Akiti and Tiri whats going on when everything outside the window freezes. Akiti explains that they are going faster than light and visual light needs to take a while to adjust. Tiri then states "What'd you expect everything in view to turn into a blue tunnel?" to which Tobias replies "well,... yeah!".

Invader ZimEdit



SS Megatron

Back To The FutureEdit

E. Brown Industries

A Delorean with Back to the Future looking Mods is seen being converted to hover on Mars


Tiri loves this show

Harry PotterEdit

SS Hogwart

The Brave Little ToasterEdit

Teena's head turns into the brave little toaster in Sub Martiania. This is a reference to The Brave Little Toaster Goes To Mars.

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