President Valor

Valor at his Presidential Library Desk

resident Marcus A. Valor, was born in 3216, in Habsburg, Poco, Trevelon. His parents were both murdered by the famous elf murderer Kapicus. From there he grew an ever expanding hatred of Elves, and vowed to rid his nation of them one day.


In 3229, he ran for mayor of Habsburg, and won defeating Jack Bacob, a former senator from Southland. In 3236, he moved to Caligraphia, and become senator. He did not win re-election, as Caligraphia has the nations largest population of Elves. By 3239, however, he ran for his first term as president and won. at the end of his term, in 3245, He won re-election, and immediately waged war on Avalon, in the guise of defending Isbadistan. He declared a national emergancy and named himself president for life in 3250.

His Charming and sociable manor usually betrey his dark intentions


Has a fabricated leg due to a sailing accident in the piko bay.

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