under Xer Control

Pokemon Stadium is a stadium on the Poke-penninsula, that was built by Nintendo for Pokemon battles under planning by Mario Himself.


The stadium held many great tournements that were chronicaled in the Pokemon Stadium video game. It became known as a VG world landmark, and people from Mobius to Galbadia would flock to it for the world Pokeseries.

Xer ControlEdit

Ash Ketchum decided to side with the Xers and signed the stadium away to the Xer Democracy. Upon arriving at the stadium, Mario and the others are surprised to see X-Box flags all over. They enter the stadium but are attacked by Ash's thugs. They challenge him to a battle, Pokemon vs. Characters for ownership of the Stadium. Mario and Co defeat the Pokemon, and gain control of the stadium, throwing Ash out.


While Squall and Wario were sent to guard the stadium from an Xer attack, it was attacked once more by Goku under a trance. Goku ignites the entire stadium after Squall had been moved to patrol elsewhere. The attack was pulled off by confusing them first by sending a Blinx Body Double. After the stadium fell to the ground, Wario was brought to the Ice Prison. Mario investigated the ruins, and rescued Albatros who was trapped inside.

Behind The ScenesEdit

The part of the stadium was played by Saitama Stadium in Japan.

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