Planet World (formerly Aldovia III) is a planet that was transformed into the universe's largest theme park. The entire planet is actually one park, and boasts over 10,000 Roller Coasters, and millions of rides, games, restaurants, and attractrions. On its moon a giant sign directing starships to the planet was constructed, and it has artificial chaser light rings around it. It was opened in 2023 by the Carnivians, a race of fun loving carnies, by studying Earth's theme parks from afar.

Planet World


Park Operations City


CEO Mavias Thundikis


200 Perminant residents work at the corporate hq.


2- Sign Moon, and Corporate Moon

Main Trade



Planet Is A Giant Theme Park

How It WorksEdit

Starships land in a massive parking structure the size of a US city. From there visitors can rent a pod or car from the on site rental to traven through the park. The park is divided into themed areas based on the climate they are in (For instance there is Desert World, and Ice Villa). In between the areas, run long highways for hover cars and pods. Guests can cross these highways safely below traffic. Each area has its own resorts, restaurants, and attractions, as well as fire depot, emergancy services and security offices. The park is ever expanding as there is open space remaining on the planet. If it overtakes the planet, plans call for a second gate on the neighboring uninhabited planet. There are many venues throughout the planet, as well as party halls for special occasions and marriages.

The Intergalactic SeigeEdit

The park was shut down when the Intergalactic League seized it for stratigical purposes. The Carnivians were outraged and sent warships to remove the feds. Unfortunately the feds were in no mood to play games and blasted the armies out of the sky. The Karkan rebel faction under the command of Akiti Kyriata Stepped in to stop the slaughter. The battle caused major damages to the Desert World region of the park as well as the Jungle Japes portion. The IL, however, withdrew their prescance.

Ethical IssuesEdit

There is a debate about the ethics of demolishing a natural planet's environment to place an amusement park over it. A large group of environmental protesters flooded the construction site at the time of its construction, however as this planet was under full jurisdiction of Carnivian Planetary Law, they were promptly arrested and sent to a prison camp on a Carnivian moon. The Increased tourist traffic also was an annoyance for neighboring planet Aldovia II, which unlike Aldovia IV, is inhabited. However the Aldovians do not possess the technology for hostile negotiations, and therefore choose to remain silent.

Water ParkEdit

On an island in the planets "Ocean Of Fun" (roughly the size of Big Island, Hawaii) a water park called Planet Splash was installed. Cruise ships to the island depart from Coast World Hourly.


there is an advanced network of caves, some of which contain ancient artifacts, under the park.

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