Pirates of the Constellations (aka The Curse Of The Wyokata) is a semi-cannonical tale written by Tiri that is a parody of Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl.


Tiri is a notable pirate after his stint working with Akiti and Tobias against the ISL. He somehow turned the Wyokata into a feared pirate vessel with a huge observation deck/cockpit on top and had a full staff crew including Armagosa, his first officer. Armagosa mutanied him as seen in Pulsar of Destiny, and stole his ship. He was marooned on Mars after trying to escape the ISL agents, and arrested by the martian president, President McGregore. He is sprung free by Tobias Heartwood's son, Tobi Jr, after an attack by the accursed pirates of the Wyokata, lead by Armagosa. They then steal the USS Interceptor after a debacle on the MSS Dauntless. They then fly to the Piko Arani Daku (planet of death), where Armagosa's hideout is.

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