The Order Of Common Planets is a broad, vague government set up to monitor and protect interplanetary relations. It is by no means a controlling government and holds no real power, except to enforce the essential rights of each planet under its jurisdiction (which is optional). It ensures the protection of planets from other governing laws (IE if a planet declares an entire star system to be its territory, but one planet is part of the Order, then it will not have control of it or its territory without being considered an act of war). It is backed up by the honor system in certain respects, as if one planet is being violated, its allies feel obliged to aid in its struggle (see Battle Of LAAR ).

Known Planets Belonging to the OrderEdit

Alpha Centauri II



Karkan I

Karkan II


The Riika System

New Earth

Poppula (by default as it is protected, but not visited because of its society not being aware of the galactic community) See List Of Pre Industrial Planets

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