NYC Montage 16 by Jleon

all credit to the non endorsing Jleon

New York City is a city in the State of New York, in The United States of America. It is known for its iconic skyscrapers, nightlife, broadway plays, and food as well as other things.


New York City appears in the following:

-In Tales From Westdale High, the main characters go to NYC and attend a Hip Hop Festival which turns out to be a sham to sell products.

In StarbirdEdit

New York continued to grow until it became overpopulated. Eventually Yonkers was inducted as the sixth burough of the city. The Skyline extended out of Manhattan, to Brooklyn, the second most dense area. Queens also showed some commercial zone encroachment. The South Bronx, flipped into an upscale neighborhood, filled with old time Hip Hop yuppies wanting to pretend to be "homeboys" on "the streets". Hip hop by the mid twenty-first century, had become a hipster thing, eventually belending from autotuned songs of the 10s, to merge with trendy dance songs, and pop, and even what was poorly reguarded as "rock", and therefore the Bronx was the new Williamsburg. Meanwhile, parts of Queens became seedy, especially the area south of Astoria. In the 2060s, schitzoid-rock was born in Bayside Queens. Staten Island also deteriorated, becoming more run down.

New York as always became a hotspot for aliens comming in, this time from other planets. as the alliance expanded so did the diversity. New bizzare alien dance clubs opened up, usually involving insanely exotic dancing (some which cannot be replicated by humans), and play old songs from the 90s. In the 2030s, the drug culture blew up in the NY area, from alien drug imports that arrived too quickly to be deemed illegal. What was San Francisco of the 1960s was New York of the 2030s, complete with alien rights activists, and bright colors (mostly generated from holosigns). "Karkan Seaweed" became the hallucinigen of the 30s, and came in by the numbers as something three times as trippy as LSD, and more insane than Salvia. The alien artsy community that settled in and around times square changed the face of the city, and enhanced its appeal to youth, artists, and adventurous travelers, as well as those looking to have a good time. Mars 2112, now actually had real aliens, and became the most popular alien club, as it was sold to a Faci businessman.

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