Lady Gaga

Lady GaGa a Nebulonian

Nebulonians are the residents of Nebulon Prime, a planet which was given no native name, so it was named after a planet from an Earth TV show that was picked up by one of their deep space satilites.

Species Profile: Nebulonians


Nebulon Prime








Steel cities, plains, rocky areas, marshland.

Tech Level

High, Hyperspace, long range scanners

Aggression level

Low, Self Defense


Electroshock weapons, Spears

Behavior Adaptations and CultureEdit

Nebulonians are extremely creative, in terms of style, music and dance. They are known as "the universe's entertainers", a name which seems to fit quite well as most who have visited Earth have left huge marks (unknowingly) on the entertainment industry. This coupled with their promiscuality and beauty is a defense mechanism that prevents them from being consciously wiped out by invadors or predators. Like Karkans, they reguard sexual preference as insignifficant, and judge mates solely on their beauty male or female.

Famous Nebulonians On EarthEdit

Lady GaGa

Nicki Minaj

James St. James

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