Attractive Native Tribal Warrior

"You seem to be the most like us on this planet, yet so unique" -Liniti Kyriata

Native Americans are humans with ancesntry dating back to the original inhabitants of the continent of North America on Earth.

Rude ArrivalsEdit

The Europeans came and snatched their land after the 1500s with out even the curtesy of asking. Th ey forced educate them on the backwards ways of Europe, and made them live on small wasted spits of land out in shitty states like Oklahoma and Utah


Liniti goes to live with a few different Native tribes, and learns how similar they are to Karkans, in values and structure, but also claims that they are unique in the Galaxy because their culture seems to have originated with no ouside influence, and they have withstood so much hardship. A few young native Americans were taken on the Starbird back to Zayke.

In 2077, A large portian of Utah was opened up for different tribes to freely use. this came after most of the population of the state fled to Christiana.

In 2109, An entire portion of Colonia was opened to them as well to use for any purpose tax free, and entirely unregulated except provided extra protection when needed against New United States, which became expansionist, and violent.

Notable Native AmericansEdit

-Tobias Heartwood

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