With the hat from hogwarts, The prince Caspien sword and shield, Indiana Jone's Jacket and shirt, Joker Makeup, Spock Hair, Hulk Hands, POTC Pirate Pants, and Elf Shoes you wonder if this guy has ever been original in his life

The Movie Raider is a dude that steals from every movie and absolutly appears everywhere. He transends cannon, and has no forth wall, whatever medium he's in he'll know, even if hes drawn.


He was born in Bethmora, before moving to Forks, Middle Earth. There he lived with his horrible aunt petunia, and uncle tom until he got a letter delivered by a droid, saying he was earth's only hope. From their he was introduced to the Avatar program, and helped tron defeat Jafar, an alien sorceror from the planet Kyrptavulca IX. From their he retreated to a quite life living among seven dwarfs until the war broke out. He was sent to fight on the front lines, and the enemy used dinosaurs against the Caspian army. but he knew that this would never work even though they infused them with frog DNA. So he picked up his sword and defeated the 300 spartans and their dinosaurs. He decided that was enough of getting medals so he decided to become a treasure hunter. He sailed west on his ship, the Black Pearl, and became cursed for a brief period of time. He had taken the holy grail, and with it he could never be alive until he returned it to the sewer king. So he parked the Pearl at Gotham Harbor, but the joker got in the way. The Joker corrupted a local polititian into killing people, but TMR defeated them both returned the grail, and escaped. He was stopped by a man named Dark Invador, and they swashbuckled until He told TMR he was his father so he Joined him, as he turned my eyes to space. Now flying on the USS Black Pearl (NCC-1701), he seaks out brave new worlds and go where no elf has gone before!! Back To The Future With Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown!!!!

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