Mitch Is not important enough to have a pic

Mitch Mayhew is probably the biggest loser in the world. This article is being written on his 18th b-day so finally he can smoke lol.

Anyway, so this is my article on ole mitchypoo


Mitch was born in ahh do we really care when he was born?

Mitch is basically the butt monkey of the universe, and always says things that don't make any damn sense like "omg like where did my car go wait no there it is :)", "If I was a pig I'd kill all the humans", and "The Butter is on the refridgerator" oh wait that last one was from a far more intelligent person. Mitch also has a song about him that starts "When Mitch was four there was a hurricane down in pennsylvannia, and everyone was alright but he cried all night because It blew his wonder woman comics out the window." See he's a legend.

Which leads to his dumb obsession with Wonder Woman. His childhood fantasy of being lassoed by WW somehow barfed up into this large projectile regurgatation of his big nerdy obsession. If you just walk into his room its like a comic con after a wonder woman movie (which never happened). His obsession is not limited to WW, however it also includes Xena, Warrior Princess, possibly Buffy, Definately Kitty Pride. So I think we can all assume that Mitch is into big women beating him the fuck up.