May You Always Know the Way Back Home is an old Rinan hymn and a love balled sung from the point of view of a Woman who's lover is far away from home, lost among the stars. It's name in Rinan is Levanara Shelon Reyanu Eman Fiyu.

The song is not only a balled of love, but a praise of Rine itself mentioning many of its features.

Nori sings this song in Seona Logs as she pines for the world she can never return to. Stalor watching from afar can't help but soften her heart to Nori's eternal struggle with loss and lonelyness.

Known Translated verses:

May you always know the way back home

May you never lose your way again

May you always know the rivers

that run down from Kaslin Bay

May you never for get the mountains

Of Glockalayloo's way

May you never feel alone

This will always be your home

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