Moon nearside LRO

The Moon

Luna is the Earth's only moon. It is also referred to as "The Moon" or simply Moon.

Planetary Profile: THE MOON


1.2 Million Humans, 500 Karkans, 12 Martians







Native Species

Possibly Microbes, but they are most likely from contamination


Rocks, Barren


Scientific Study, Tourism, Residential, mining


The moon is home to collections of humans, that migrated from Earth. It was the first site of Interplanetary colonies from earth, and a popular resort. It also contains many scientific facilities, used to study further reaches of space. It's power grids located at the poles supply the moon with a solar power grid source.

Despite the colonies that exist, the moon is vastly considered a frontier still, even more so than mars. It is still in a "wild west" like climate in many parts, and boomtowns and ghosttowns go up all the time.


The first lunar landing occured in 1969, creating the Lunar Landing Historical Site. The first colonies were set up inside Lunar Caverns, which required little construction, except to seal in air. Later on, surface buildings appeared housing space station like interiors. Following the testing of domed cities in Antarctica and Mars, they started to spring up along the moon as well.

Other InformationEdit

In 2156, Stalor Kass formed the Jupiter Mining Company named after her favorite planet in the sol system, on the moon. She gathered employees from the Lunar Employment Station, and began her trip to mining planet Seona.


-Lunar Mining Guild

-Dress To Impress

-Kass Mining Company

-Totally 2040s

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