Luka aka Combat Unit 8597 is a war android built by Dr. Eric Vonnik during the Martian Revolution in the 2120s, and subsequently modified by his daughter, Inga Vonnik to enable her to learn.


Inga discovered Luka as she was brought home by her father, when she was five years old. Her father attempted to repair her and ultimately decided to scrap the combat unit like much of the others.

Inga pleeded with her father to repair her, or at least spare her from the trash heap as she had grown attatched to talking with her disassembled body. Her father decided to let her keep the robot she named Luka, after a song she heard in the car, hoping she would outgrow her attatchment. Instead her bond grew and she even learned to repair her body. Sensing their bond would be dangerous if her programing destabilized

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