Lot was an ancient human and a biblical figure. He is now known as of 2160, to be the sole reason for a Stanal Invasion of ancient cities Soddom and Gamorrah.

Betrayal of MankindEdit

Lot first met with two stanal males and proclaimed them to be angels, due to their white garments and winged packs. The stanal and Lot shared a meal together in which Lot had mentiond his hatred of the deviants in his area. The stanal soldiers revealed their plans for purging the universe of deviant planets and how they planned to wipe out the cities nearby. Lot struck a deal with them to allow him time to leave with his family.

Soddom And GamorrahEdit

The town citizens attacked the Stanal as they began but lot threw his daughter at them to rape instead, selling her out to the very deviants he dispised. The Stanal allowed them to leave and positioned two large battlecruisers over the cities proceding to launch a Damanium dump on them. In the chaos Lot's wife was annihilated but lot just survived with the others. The towns were annihilated and irradiated for many years. 


Lot was eventually killed by his own daughters after attempting to rape them. A struggle broke out in which he was stabbed in the throat. Lot's daughters fled to join a tribe of outlanders, and later in life were actually picked up by the Faci as refugees from the invasion.

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