This list is written from a 2150s-60s perspective, and thus relfects the latest dates of any Starbird Series. These are the extinct nations of earth worthy of mention

England (GB became part of the Earthen Alliance in the 2060s) 

France (EA in 2069) 

Germany (2070)



Spain (2067)

Greece (2067)

Europian Union as a whole (2071) 

Turkey (finnancial collapse lead to joing the EA in 2082) 

Mexico (Became part of the United States in 2055) 

United States (defunct in 2067 when the EA was officially founded) 




Pakistan (conquered by the Arabian Star Empire in 2101) 

Afghanistan (Dissolved in 2039) 

Iraq (Dissolved and devided in 2030) 

Canada (Became founding member of the EA in 2067) 

Australia (founding member of the EA) 

New Zealand (Founding member of EA) 

Russia (became United Russia in 2042 joined ISL in 2122) 

Poland (Founding Member of EA) 

Norway (Founding Member of EA)

Switzerland (Founding Member of EA)

Sweden (Founding member of EA)

South Africa (Joined EA in 2068) 

Confederate States Of Free America (Reunited with United States in 2050) 




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