Planets without technology that would lead it's sapient beings from a "dark age" before space travel are considered Pre-Industrial Planets. This is a different definition than the earth's pre-industrial revolution, because it only implies the time before printing and simple mechanics. Here are a few in no particular order.

-Poppula: Bronze Age, Species: Invertacrons

-Tobias I: Medieval, Species: Nameless Sapient Bovines

-Eos: Egyptian Type, Species: Sapient Insectoids

-Promos: Tribal Bronze Age, Species: Tulurians (Sapient Reptillians)

-Florence II: Colonial (Mounted Transportation, Gaslight, Seafaring), Species: Lucites (Sapient Theropods)

-Kiris: Theological Caste System (Religion dominates all forms of life, determines your place), Species: Kirians (Sapient Humanoid).

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