Liniti enjoying a textbook

Liniti Kyriata is Akiti Kyriata's twin sister. She is also a tribal princess maid. She is very interested in other planets and usually insists that her brother take her with him.


She is smart, joyful, bouncy, and easily excited. She feels that she needs to learn all that she can in her lifetime, in order to gain a true broad view of everything she knows. She is also a really well respected cook, and enjoys making fish dishes for the crew of the Starbird. Usually she hangs out on beaches or in open grassy fields, anywhere she feels relaxed. She also seems to like to dress like her twin brother, in terms of colors and similar clothing but female version. Despite her seemingly innocent and happy-go-lucky attitude, she is a fiece warrior, and one of the best archers in her clan. She however prefers to train others, and not fight, because she doesn't like violence.

On EarthEdit

Liniti spent a month on the Earth in 2031. She enjoyed listening to classical music and dance music (Karkans are rythmn based). She also aided in the Atlanta, Georgia incident. She spent most of her spare time in libraries reading about Earth culture, science, history, and physical charictaristics.


Liniti stealing Akiti's Fashion


Ikati Kyriata (Mother)

Kijiti Kyriata (Father)

Akiti Kyriata Twin Brother

Kimiki Kyriata Younger Brother

Atiri Kyriata Older Sister

Kyani Kyriata Younger Sister

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