after the martian colonies were built, the Laguardia Spaceport was built from the former Laguardia Airport. It was converted when the city realized that instead of needing three airports around, they could make due with two, and the new Yonkers Airport, that opened in the 40s. A monorail was installed, taking people from the main terminal to a new secondary terminal B across the bay, where ConEd used to be before they combined with a group of companies to form the Edison Power Company (EPC). The former instructional terminal now takes incomming air traffic from major cities only, functioning like a small local airport. It is also a stop on the monorail.

Travel Packages etcEdit

The number one destination from LaGuardia is Zayke. There are many deals that they offer regarding space travel their. Flying Virgin Galactic, you can opt for the combo package which allows you to tour under water cities as well as luxury beach resorts. The Family Fun package takes you to Zayke's many theme parks around the planet for one price. Mars Space takes you to mars and back with a single price usually around 1123 space bucks (credits).

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