Map of LAAR

Planet LAAR or Laar is a planet in the Wiioki system and the 2nd planet orbiting Liiko. In 8969 (Karkan Year), The Karkans were sent to protect the planet from Crotian Invasion. The Crotians overcame them and the planet fell to their command and withered.

Planet LAAR


W-In Distress


Zayke Class Phliki (Breathable)

Max Temp

123 Degrees F (At Equator)

Min Temp

-49 Degrees F (South Polar Region)




LAAR Capital City


Zayke (formerly), Crotia





Current Headmaster (planetary leader)

Fiin Nikropu (Deceased)


Not much is known about LAAR except that it has countries, similar to Earth, oceans, and small continents. Their achitecture involves a lot of rounded spaces spheres, domes, and curved buildings are found everywhere. The planet is obviously capable of contacting foreign planets as they call Zayke for help. They also have a fleet of starcraft that fought during their last battle. It is unknown if the governments are unified or not.

Crotian ControlEdit

The planet fell to the Crotians, who turned it into a baron wasteland like their own planet. The invadors killed all survivors that did not escape to Zayke, and smashed the buildings to make their own settlements both here and on Crotia. By the end of the intergalactic war, Laar became a refuge for aimless Crotians who survived the planetary explosion.

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