"We should like paint the entire school green, so it blends in with the grass and when people try to go here they'll be all like where did it all.......go?" -Kyle's Idea for a senior prank

Kyle is a stereotypical dumb surfer. based loosely on Sean Penn's Spicolli character from Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

Kigler was left back twice so he's in the same grade as Matt. He is almost always stoned, clueless, and wisecracking. Kyle usually wears some kind of Hollister like clothing, Hawaiian shirt, bathing suit or lifeguard t-shirt. He has long blonde hair, and a pretty in-shape body. Many girls seem to be interested in him but he is usually oblivious to this fact. The one girl who attracts his attention is Jillian, who thinks he's weird. In the episode "Welcome To Westdale" Hes is seen smoking pot openly on the Santa Monica Pier and no one seems to take note. Kyle seems to get into certain odd sexual situations, such as being dressed as a girl by his girlfriend, and being accidentally sold into sexual slavery. He Is also completely obsessed with Disneyland for some reason.