I like her hair

Kini is a Karkan girl who in 2067 is studying interplanetary affairs, taking trips to each planet observing how they work. She shares what she knows in Starbird III with the team.

Crystal Planet NightmareEdit

Unfortunately she was kidnapped in 2071 while on the Crystal Planet gathering samples, by space pirates. A team of rescuers lead by Norani Maholai tore apart the galaxy looking for her, eventually finding the ship and killing everyone aboard. She was rescued by had her right arm and tail removed. Upon her return to Zayke, an arm and tail transplant went through, however due to severed areas, she must wear a steal arm band for the rest of her life.


-She appearantly likes human clothes

-She has a green eye mutation, possibly the next step in the Karkan evolution chain.

-He pigtails were inspired by pictures of young Earth girls in movies like Dorthy from "The Wizard Of OZ". After 2019, they became popular on Zayke, even with boys.

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