Karma is a Starbird related story about a Karkan, named Trilo, living on Earth, who liked to hang out on the Coney Island Boardwalk every night.

One evening, he was resting his feet in the tide, when a drug crazed hobo threatens to kill him because he is "Alien Scum" who wants to "melt his brain and mind control the Earth". In the struggle, Trilo takes out his hunting knife and stabs the hobo who then dies. Trilo, now fearing he may be responsible for breaking up relations between the Earth and Zayke, throws the body into the water, and hurls the knife off the pier. He then heads straight for his vehicle shed, and flys a space pod out to live on an abandoned planet. Throughout the story, he becomes paranoid, moving from planet to planet, until he goes completely mad.

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