The Karkan Language is the language spoken by all tribes of Karkans. It is similar to Earth's Hawaiian, Japanese, and Spanish languages. Most words contain an I (pronounced ee), a K, N, or L. I is the most common vowel in the Karkan language.


Karkan Language

Ati= Hope

Aka=Have (as in I have)

Ariza = Is/to

Arkaka= It/ It's

Arnani= Of

Akita = Listen

Adiada= Come Here

Yuioku= From/for

Zayke = Zake (or "the land")

Tama = Courage

Yuz = Clothing

Bly = A Laser

Bli = Lasers

Itahu = Weather

toku = Wether or not

Nariku = Child

Nariku Ningino = Child's Toy/play

Kari = Nation of Virtue

Nari= Nation of Strength

Lintu= Five Principle Nation

Jakid = The Victorious People

Ik Tu= "The Five Principles" which are Virtue (Kato) Strength (Nato) Bravery (Tuto) Wisdom (Muto) Humility (Wuto)

Jinkhi Onye' = To be disgraceful

Wyo Wyo= Humiliation

Katrama= Without Virtue or honor (also sociopath)

Dagiyto= Male

Biibi= Female

Muyoto= Desert

Thomora = Trap

Iyanatho = Criminal

Daku = Death

Karkanto = Dolphin

Slup = Fish

Ni = I

Ti= You/your

Ni'a =My

Muhaine (Mo Hein ay) to learn

Netari= Then

Dommar= Than/all

Eclace= more/much

Tra= Have


Hipo=watch/to see

Miati= with

Yiati Without

Gaki gaki= Trade or exchange

Caruvula= Bow and Arrow

Vula= Arrow (of any kind)

Lawo= Sad (absence of good feeling)

Pik= In/inside

Wekara= When

Dagibi= Someone (combination of male and female NOT transvestite)

Klowt= Toilet/Bathroom/Garbage

Klowt Ka= Garbage Sow/ The "Vessel of waste"

Kipiki= Hello

Damua =Name



Uikili= Where/ where is

Tank(tawnk)= The

Nit= I am

Nula= Style

Kami Kami= pay attention to me!!

Chana= Awesome/Great person/interesting



Finiiti= A curse word meaning your parents were dishonorable

Winima= Male G Spot

Niimana= Female G Spot

Tamimakara= Gold

Jibibitera= Surprised

Yami= Sun

Nani= Moon

Nanino= Second Moon

Tino= An alchoholic Drink

Cron=purchase or eat (consume)

Kokora= Inside Within

Cameer= Love

Praz/Co= Bad

Serana/Ka: Water

Ka=also means vessel (aptly so)

Agelika= A certain large sea dwelling bird

EHehehehe (Dolphin sound)= Alert trouble ahead

henehekeke (Dolphin Sound)= Rejoice (Don't mix those two up humans, or a Karkan Might Kill You)

Tehehe eyp eyp (Dolphin Sound)= I Found some fish

La: Tree

Nyet=Long Distance

Fariin=bird/avian creature

Kapa Narvi- Know (The acquiring of reasoned thought)

Kandiki- Hold


Miki Miki- Walk away (take a walk)

Karkan= The Virtuous People or just their species



Vavi= Nature

Nipik= South

Tikipi= East


Pikip= West

Peko= A planet or the planet (Zayke/ literally "the ground beneath us")

Gamii=to obtain




Veridina= Star


Mekyoni= Descended from the sun (name)

Nan=Evil/Bad Person

Tiklapa= Walk Tiklapa

Kokoranti= Wave Walker

Kokoriti= Wave

Jojuapi= Large and beautiful (the name of a planet)


Nik'Tar- The Ones (people)


Likba- Unprovoked

Nik- The

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