The Structure of Karkan Civilization is quite advanced, and deserves its own article.

Swim Skill LevelEdit

Every Karkan, must go through trials on their 14th (karkan age years) birthday. They are tested to see their true swimming capabilities, an important trait on the planet.

They are put into the ascending categories

Al'kirtria - poor named after a land mammal that drowns while chasing prey into the water

Diama - minimal - named for the diama, an animal that hunts for fish

Hik'tik'ma - Mediocre - Named for amphibious species

Guya - Better than Average - Named for the type of fish

Ji-kra tuh - Pretty Good - named for the extinct great white shark

Karkanto - Exceptional - named for their ancestor species of Dolphins

Tribal StructureEdit

Every Tribe has a Chief and a Princess in charge

There are princess maids that are treated like royalty, to marry selected cheifs if they so choose. They apply to become this, and must face trials

The bulk of a tribe contains:

Farmers- Grow food, and ranch livestock. They are the smallest of the job classes, as most Karkans get their food from

The Hunters- Agile, Athletic, and cunning, these Karkans obtain food by hunting animals in the forests, and plains, as well as spearing fish. They give all animals a fighting chance, as they do not use advanced weaponry, instead using spears, arrows, knives, and clubs. After the kill, the hunter gives thanks and apologizes to the animal, and hopes he is reborn as a sapient being.

Gatherers, Builders, and Traders- These are the working men of the tribe. They sell goods, build infrastructure, and gather supplies. Some are also miners.

Warriors- The best of the Tribal fighters, these select few are chosen after participating in practice warfare against other tribal warriors to be. They are chosen to defend the planet, and help keep peace in the world, and never to invade.

Scientists- same as human scientists, they develop theories and ideas to help perpetuate the growth of advancement, and the preservation of the planet.

Other JobsEdit

Pilots- Special people who excel in flying spacecraft

Ship Captains- usually scientists or warriors, that are given a ship.

Cargo Shunters- those who deliver exports to other planets, and allies

Mechanics- Those who repair and upgrade technical systems


Karkans believe that the universe is a single entity that tries to guide itself to paradise. They also believe that when you die, your traits and energy each join with certain other peoples traits, to help spawn new lifeforms.

Religion on Zayke, is not widely structured. There is no establishment, other than communal spirit rituals, and willful practice. Its more a vehicle to inner peace, kindness, and support.

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