Jupiter Mining Company is a Mining company set up by Stalor as part of her dream to bring riches and reckognition to her family.


Jupiter Mining was founded in 2156 on the Moon, by Stalor Kass. Stalor wanted to follow her father's advice to make her own way in the universe. It was founded with 6 employees (including her), two of which dropped out before leaving Lunar Spacedock. It is NOT registered under the United Lunar Mining Guild, and therefore does not recieve grants from the alliance government.

Legal IssuesEdit

In mid 2157, Stalor Kass is denied recognitian as a member of the Lunar Mining Guild because the name of her company unbeknownst to her is much to similar to a company in Red Dwarf, a television series on Earth in the late 1980s. This infuriates Stalor to no end, because she was unaware of the show's existance. She then must decided wether to change the name of the company, or be forced to find funding through illegal trading.

Key PlayersEdit

Stalor Kass

Inga Vonnik

Trisha Adoyo



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