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The Jonah Crew are a parody of the Jonas Brothers. Fake pious and celibacy coats their exterior wholesome image, but they each have dark secrets. The Jonah Crew appear in Long Road Outta Westdale, Crock of Ages, Consume Me, and as an ad and on a poster in Girls Night In. They are also mentioned in Senior Operetta (Matt askes how the concert went and Kyle replies you don't wanna know), and Day of the Six (Adam: OMG LOOK JC IS PLAYING!). In Day of Xtreme Meaning, they are listened to by a very stoned Matt, Kyle, Adam, and Billy. In Hazed and Infused, their song is whistled by Kyle implying he may listen to his sisters records. Known songs: This Day I Love You, My Heart Beats, Generic Love Song

Jonah Crew

Formed In

Archer City, Texas 2003


Jim Jonah, Jay Jonah, and Tommy Lee Jonah



Appears in

Westdale, Perspective, Lucid, and Introspective


Silly Songs Music Factory

Years Active



Jim Jonah-youngest member of the Jonah Crew. Sex maniac and abuser of women

Jay Jonah-Closeted Homosexual member of the Jonah Crew. Result of an Extra-marital Affair and a drug addict

Tommy Lee Jonah-Racist, homophobic bigot and oldest Jonah Brother.

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