Hyperion Mountain

A moon of saturn. A small group of human criminals escaped to here to form their own nation. They slowly fell apart and became a military dictatorship by the 22nd century.


The humans living on hyperion have developed a caulture of rebellious attitutes, decadent lifestyles, and Hedonism. They have close relations with New Antares (formerly the United Arab Emerites). From here they are able to trade slaves and are granted diplomatic immunity to travel outside their lunar area.

Many Hyperites have brought the earth's problems with them when they landed. The Mafia families that operated formerly in large cities on Earth, have established a home base on the moon. Survivalists from the American South, have also settled here and their accent is a distinctive mix of New Yorker, Chicago, AND Texas/southeastern accent blends. Their flag is similar in design to the confederate flag, indicating both the locality of the first settlers (from a texas state penn) and the act of sucession from the system.

Dissolving of governmentEdit

Hyperion broke down in slave revolt in 2160. It soon rejoined the Karkan Alliance with the rest of the Sol System.

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