Yes Tobias Is A Human

Humans are creatures found on Earth. They are for the most part tall, containing hair on their heads, like Karkans and Elves. They are usually capable of speech, and complex thought. Out of the major humanoid races in the universe (Elves, Karkans, Humans, etc) Humans are at the low end of the intelligence spectrum, being a younger species. Their skin color can range from pale-pinkish-brown-dark brown.

Species Profile




Omnivorous (varies with certain people)


Homo Sapien


Varies from Sub Arctic, to Tropical

Technology level

Basic, Automobile, Computer, Television, World Wide Web, HD Cable


Varies on location


Around 6 Feet





Agression Level

Moderate, Warfare

Life SpanEdit

Humans generally live to be around 91 years old. The child reaches puberty around age 12-13, and matures around age 25.

Civilization, Interplanetary Law, and Special IssuesEdit

Humans are not as learned as most spacefaring species. Many of them still struggle with accepting that sexual orientation is a part of nature, and cannot be changed by force. They also have difficulty giving up on ancient viewpoints, even when those viewpoints are proven incorrect. This is a stage all sapient species must face in their natural evolution. Many scholars profess that it is a young race, that is fairly new at uncovering the mysteries of the universe, and therefore should not be pressured into speeding up this evolution. It is thought that the humans need to run their natural course, and are indeed on their way up. Slavery, a concept illegal on most planets, still continues in some parts of Earth.


The humans opted to remain in an independent position, sovereign from the Common Galactic Government, and therefore are not subject to interplanetary laws. However, if the Humans were to violate the laws on any common government planet, they would be subject to punishment accordingly (ie, a human cannot go to ACII and capture a Faci to enslave without penalty). Humans are also, by default, restricted in using nuclear weapons to their jurisdiction only, as any nuclear weapon entering jurisdiction of a Galactic Common planet, is to be confiscated from the ship, and launched into the nearest black hole. Humans are, however permitted to have a Colonization License, meaning they can colonize any planet so long as its not being used for anything else relating to common planets or jurisdiction hereof. See Earth for the full list of politics.

Slave Trade ValueEdit

Slavery is outlawed on all common planets, however the black market still thrives in the business. Humans are a new species to interstellar communities, and therefore go for 90,000 Credits and are valuable as a new commodity on the black market. Human slaves are rare, and never captured directly from their home planet.

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